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Trainer Certification

Trainer Certification helps your organization develop a culture of person-centeredness. Not only do you benefit by having in-house “experts” available for year round training, other members of your staff receive hands-on training with CQL consultants. Also, the 14 days of on-site training and consultation are just the beginning of the support provided by CQL staff.


  • 2-year certification term
  • Discover how to deliver Personal Outcome Measures® Assessment Workshops in your organization
  • Learn to conduct valid and reliable Personal Outcome Measures® interviews


Each step of the Trainer Certification process builds upon the skills mastered in the previous step. The steps allow you to tailor your expertise in the Personal Outcome Measures®.

Step 1: Introduction to the Personal Outcome Measures®

Participate in a four-day assessment workshop — an introduction to the process of meeting with people with disabilities using the Personal Outcome Measures®.

Step 2: Coaching & Observation

Observe the CQL trainer to become familiar with the logistics and skills required to guide other participants through the assessment process.

Step 3: Reliability

Conduct an interview and follow-up activities while CQL staff observes so that each of you can make determinations about the outcomes independently. The criteria for certification is an 85% agreement with the CQL staff’s outcomes decisions.

Also, spend a day preparing to conduct the four-day assessment workshop.

Step 4: Conduct the Training for Certification

Conduct a Personal Outcomes Measures®. Assessment Workshop with CQL staff providing coaching, monitoring and evaluation for certification.


For pricing, scheduling or other questions:

Mail Image/Icon   training@thecouncil.org

Phone Image/Icon   410.583.0060

Other Training Options:

• Interviewer Certification

• Assessment Workshop

• Person-Centered Planning