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Certification FAQs


What are the differences in the various types of certifications? 

There are two designations for human service professionals who want to be certified:

  1. Certified Trainers can deliver the Personal Outcome Measures® Assessment workshop within their own organizations, as well as conduct valid and reliable Personal Outcome Measures® interviews with the people supported in their own organizations

  2. Certified Interviews have the skills to conduct valid and reliable Personal Outcome Measures® interviews with the people supported in their own organizations.


Once I become a certified trainer, what can I do?

As a Certified Trainer, you can schedule and deliver the Personal Outcome Measures® Assessment Workshop to all the employees in your organization throughout the year. There is no limit on the number of workshops you deliver.


How long is the certification?

Both Trainer and Interviewer Certification are for one year. To maintain certification, all you need to do is schedule a reliability visit with CQL once a year. You'll be observed doing the work for which you are certified and receive feedback about how well you are doing.


Can more than one person in my organization be certified?

Absolutely. In fact, the training is designed for at least two people at one time. This makes the certification more cost effective, provides for back up and continuity in your organization, and fosters mutual support among certified professionals.


What happens if I leave the organization?

Your Trainer and/or Interviewer Certification is tied to the organization where the training took place. Once you leave that organization, you are no longer authorized to conduct Personal Outcome Measures® Assessment Workshops or interviews.

If you move to a new organization, CQL can work with your new employer to re-certify you in a cost effective manner.


How does CQL support its certified professionals?

As someone certified by CQL, you receive ongoing communication about new resources, materials and services. We do this through regular network conference calls, mailings, and email conversations. There is always support available through the Director of Training and Certification, should you have any questions or just want a bit of advice.



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