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While these solutions don't cover everything that CQL has to offer, it will give you a good idea of how we help human service organizations. Do any of these challenges sound familiar?


"Program standards aren't cutting it anymore. We need to listen to people we support." 

Listening to, and learning about the people you support is essential to delivering quality human services. CQL's Personal Outcome Measures® use 21 indicators to assess whether the services and supports are having the desired results or outcomes that matter to the person. 

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"People we support are happy with our services, but we want the numbers to show it." 

Alll organizations need the ability to assess the effectiveness of their supports. Because of that, CQL has built a web based data collection system, with roughly 250 unique variables for quality analysis.

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"Because of the size of our organization, we require a unique type of accreditation." 

Whether you provide supports across the country or are smaller-scale, CQL has a new accreditation menu with three options that can fit the needs of any organization. 

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"Our support staff is great, and we want to give them more skills to succeed." 

The quality of your services are contingent on the employees who provide them. CQL offers a number of training options to enhance the skills your staff needs, and improve the lives of the people you support. 

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"We would like to assess our case management and service coordination." 

From these issues to others involving Medicaid quality monitoring, personalized training, evaluating employment trends, and much more - CQL offers customized consultation to confront all different kinds of challenges.

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