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The Power of Personal Outcomes

After looking at CQL's Personal Outcome Measures®, a family member remarked, "These are all so simple and basic. This is what we all want in our lives." The Personal Outcome Measures® are so powerful because they focus on what is most important to people.

The force of the Personal Outcomes flows from a focus that is:

The Personal Outcomes are short, clear, and written in plain English. They are easy to explain to families, friends, elected officials, and government representatives.

As people describe their Personal Outcomes, their stories remain etched in our memories

As people describe their Personal Outcomes, their stories remain etched in our memories.

The Personal Outcome Measures define for each staff, family member, friend, and volunteer the priority Personal Outcomes for the person. Personal Outcomes magnify the energy of the organization.


The Personal Outcome focus empowers the person receiving services and supports. His or her own definition of Personal Outcomes replaces professional and governmental consensus about "what is quality."

The Future
The programmed approach to services and supports, requiring standardization, and compliance with process is obsolete. Responsive services will promote the finest in diversity and differences.

At the same time, the Personal Outcome focus is:

Not A Product
The Personal Outcomes focus is on the individual's own definition of importance and worth in his or her life. Unlike a product with a stable shelf life, Personal Outcomes are unpredictable, yet discoverable.

Not Appealing to EveryoneCQL Training
Individuals and organizations attracted to professional or governmental control of the definitions of quality and indicators of quality will not be drawn to the Personal Outcome focus.

Not Instantly Successful
The Personal Outcome focus may require significant adjustments. Changing organizational systems in response to people is more complex than ensuring compliance with process.

Not Forever
At some point in the future, the revolutionary becomes routine. At that point, the Personal Outcome focus will be imbedded in the values and principles of the culture that continue to sustain progressive organizations - individualization, inclusion, and legal rights.


James F. Gardner, PhD
Former President and CEO, CQL

A note of recognition to Al Ries (1997) Focus: The Future of Your Company Depends Upon It for the focus analysis framework.


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