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Lessons in Australia and New Zealand

Sarah Gimson | CQLCQL in Australia with House With No Steps
Director of Training and Certification

A group of Personal Outcome Measures® interviewers and trainers from Australia and New Zealand gathered in Brisbane on February 18th, 2015. We spent time learning from each other’s experiences and sharing our own challenges and successes. Through the journey of implementing Personal Outcome Measures®, we learned that we share many of the same successes and challenges.


Real change can happen for people in their everyday livesIt was discovered that one of the greatest factors of success is when the CEO and Board of Directors are highly committed to the Personal Outcome Measures® process. Having an Advisory Group made up of people supported by the organization presenting to the Board of Directors is also very beneficial. Another element that was found to have a powerful influence is having the Personal Outcome Measures® process and practices reflected in policies, job descriptions, team agreements, human rights conversations and other organizational documentation.

When Personal Outcome Measures® interviews are a precursor to Person-Centered Planning, with continued monitoring of progress throughout the year, real change can happen for people in their everyday lives.

It was wonderful to hear about the journeys that people have taken with the implantation of Personal Outcome Measures® within their organization. There are struggles that we share, but it is all worth it when we can see that people’s voices are being heard and person-centered approaches are helping people live the life they desire.

The group found comfort in knowing that they are not in these struggles alone.




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