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Lessons Learned in Australia and New Zealand

Through the journey of implementing Personal Outcome Measures®, we learned that we share many of the same successes and challenges.

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Doing it Right? Or Doing the Right Thing? What's the Question?

The confusion between "doing it right" and "doing the right thing" shows up in the organization's ongoing planning process. "Doing the right thing" is a strategic planning question.

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A Challenge for Professionals

The development of services and supports around outcomes for people stretches the role of the organization's employees, especially those professionals performing assessments and evaluations.

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Outcomes at Work

Application of outcome measures in employment settings has shown that the outcomes that assist people to find, secure and sustain a meaningful employment do not differ significantly from those used to measure success in other life areas.

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Coordinating Services Through Outcomes

Service coordination attempts to unify the pattern of services and supports that are provided to individuals with disabilities.

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Measuring What's Real

A valid and reliable person-centered outcome quality improvement system builds upon these traditional quality measures

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