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The CQL POST App In Action: Dreams

The CQL POST App (Personal Outcome Screening Tool) for iPads, is an interactive, user-friendly app that provides a snapshot view of a person’s quality of life. It explores 21 quality-of-life outcomes, assesses whether these outcomes are important to the individual and what level of success they are having in achieving these outcomes. 

Measuring quality of life and understanding what really matters to people who receive supports can often be challenging, especially for intermittent services or after meeting someone for the first time. Human service organizations may not know where to start, what questions to ask and how to utilize the feedback they receive. The CQL POST App provides a user-friendly system for learning about a person's life, as well as interpreting and utilizing that information about outcomes to measure quality of life. An example of a quality-of-life outcome within the app, is 'having goals and dreams in the future.' According to aggregate responses from The CQL POST App surveys, when people receiving supports were asked the question, "How is going for you right now, when it comes to having goals and dreams in the future," 20% of people respond that the outcome is 'not happening at all.' 

CQL POST App data

The same respondents were then asked, "How important is it to you right now, that you have goals and dreams in the future?" 75% responded that it is 'very important' that they have goals and dreams in the future. This gap between the presence of the outcome and importance of the outcome, provides human service organizations with a great opportunity. Providers are now able to identify that gap, understand the outcome and make it a priority in their person-centered plan. 

The CQL POST App offers organizations a general idea of priority areas for individual support plans, along with the outcomes and supports that may need further exploration and enhancement. Providers can then conduct Personal Outcome Measures® interviews for in-depth discovery and analysis of outcomes surrounding goals and dreams:

  • Identification of specific and unique goals 

  • Establishment of priorities around goals and dreams

  • Assessing supports in place to help people follow their dreams

  • Creation of a timeline for the achievement of goals and dreams


CQL POST App and Person-Centered Planning

As Sarina Bunnett, Coordinator of Outcomes Development for Melba Support Services shares, The CQL POST App can assist organizational leadership and staff in directing their resources towards the achievement of outcomes, that are defined by the person who is supported. 

This can help guarantee that services are truly person-centered, and people are having the highest quality of life and quality of supports possible. "Supporting people to achieve ‘what really matters’ to them is the focus of the work we do at Melba. When people are clear with their priorities, half the work is already completed." says Bunnett.





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