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The CQL POST App In Action: Choice

The CQL POST App (Personal Outcome Screening Tool) for iPads is an interactive, user-friendly app that provides a snapshot view of a person’s quality of life. It explores 21 quality-of-life outcomes, assesses whether these outcomes are important to the individual and what level of success they are having in achieving these outcomes. 

The CQL POST App is a valuable tool in providing insight into the presence and importance of outcomes, in the present moment for a person accessing services. The app offers organizations a broad look at quality of life, and can be extremely helpful in intermittent services, or as a quick introduction to a person's priorities. The app is not however a replacement to CQL's Personal Outcome Measures®, but a complimentary resource to assist in person-centered planning.

As an example, one indicator in The CQL POST App, involves choice over where a person lives. When people are asked "How is it going for you right now, when it comes to choosing where to live?" 25% stated that it is 'not happening,' 33% respond that it is only going 'somewhat well' and 41% identified that it is going 'really well.'

CQL POST App data

The CQL POST App Choice Data


In comparison, when asked if ‘choosing where you live’ is important to you’, 71% of people responded that it is 'very important' that they choose where to live. This feedback shows that the outcome of choosing where to live could be a priority area for many people supported by organizations, but is not being fully achieved by the majority of respondents. 

While The CQL POST App does an excellent job at highlighting this potential priority area, without further discussion and discovery, it does not provide follow-up or in-depth information, on things like:

  • Location of home

  • Type of home

  • Living alone vs. roommates

  • Members of planning team

  • Individualized supports desired by person

This displays the complimentary relationship between The CQL POST App and CQL's Personal Outcome Measures®. The app could be used to attain a general overview of priority areas in a person's life, while the Personal Outcome Measures® can be used to expand upon that discovery process.






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