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Webinar: Trauma and Healing in the Lives of People with Disabilities

The majority of people with disabilities have experienced trauma. This free, 90 minute webinar explores trauma and the effects of trauma in the lives of people with disabilities.

This webinar covers:

  • Definition of trauma
  • Incidence of trauma in the lives of people with disabilities
  • Effects of trauma
  • Understanding triggers
  • Shifting our perceptions of ‘behaviors’
  • Healing from trauma
  • Service planning
  • Creating environments that do not re-traumatize individuals

Webinar recording:




Shirley Paceley Picture and Title

Shirley Paceley is the founder and director of Blue Tower Training. Shirley has worked with people with disabilities for over 40 years and has a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology. Shirley is a published author, international trainer, counselor, consultant, advocate and visionary. Shirley serves on the Board of Directors of End Violence Against Women International, the Editorial Board of Sexual Assault Report, and is a Project Advisor to the National Center for Criminal Justice and Disabilities. Shirley has dedicated her life to empower people with disabilities to be free, safe, and live meaningful lives. Shirley is a survivor of childhood incest and has siblings with disabilities.  

Teresa Tudor Picture and Title

Teresa Tudor is a Program Administrator for the Illinois Department of Human Services, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Unit. She oversees the statewide Partner Abuse Intervention system and serves as Project Director for two Office of Violence Against Women grants which address violence against people with disabilities. She has been active member of the Illinois ARREST grant which focuses upon law enforcement and prosecutors and improving response to domestic violence, elder abuse and violence against people with disabilities. As a part of managing three statewide systems, Ms Tudor has facilitated key policy changes which impact service delivery in both victim and perpetrator services and strengthened support systems for survivors with disabilities. She is a firm believer that systems can (and should be) changed to meet today’s needs of the individuals and families served and policy changes at both the state and local levels have the most potential for long-term success.

Teresa has worked in social services for 30 years gaining experience in child welfare, developmental disabilities, substance abuse, mental health, and domestic violence. In addition to direct client services, much of her work has been focused upon system development, service delivery, and multi-disciplinary collaborative efforts. To support those efforts she has done extensive training, developed curriculum, written policy, facilitated provider teams and managed cross-discipline projects. She has presented at national and state conferences including Crime Victims with Disabilities National Conference, VERA Institute of Justice National Disability Conference, National Organization of Victims Assistance, National Sexual Assault Conference and End Violence Against Women International. Additionally she presented at the Congressional Staff Briefing on Victimization of Children and Adults with Disabilities. Ms Tudor worked with the Governor’s Task Force on Human Services Reform re-organization team which established the Illinois Department of Human Services in July 1997.