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Webinar: The CQL POST App

The CQL POST App for iPads provides a snapshot view of individual quality of life, as defined by the person. It uses easy-to-understand language, audio prompts, images and a touch screen to assess the presence and importance of outcomes, for understanding priority areas in person-centered planning. The CQL POST App was designed to be used independently by the person receiving supports, or with assistance if needed. The feedback from each survey is summarized into an easy-to-read email report, and available online through secure login access. Download the CQL POST App

Whether you've never heard about The CQL POST App, want to learn more, or are already a customer, this webinar from CQL and AbleLink Technologies shares how the app works, reporting capabilities and the connection to person-centered planning.

  • The CQL POST App overview
  • Walk-through tutorial of the app
  • Benefits of the app in person-centered planning
  • Connection to Personal Outcome Measures® (POM)
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Survey Pricing Options
  • Testimonials from current customers

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Cathy Yadamec

Cathy Yadamec | CQL
Director of Training & Certification

Cathy Yadamec is the Director of Training and Certification for CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership. In this role, Cathy coordinates the training opportunities offered by CQL. She oversees the certification of Personal Outcome Measures® Interviewers and Trainers, and is responsible for developing new training opportunities often customizing it to meet the unique strengths and preferences of individual organizations. Cathy has experience within CQL and in private and state agencies supporting people with developmental disabilities to have better lives. Cathy has worked diligently to promote personal and organizational change to create a culture of responsiveness and focus on quality as defined by the person. In the 2000’s Cathy worked with CQL as a Project Manager and in the CMS Look-Behind Contract. For 3 years, Cathy served as the Manager of Quality Improvement/ Quality Enhancement for the Developmental Disability Administration in the District of Columbia, and then returned to CQL as the Project Manager for the Illinois Ligas Outreach Project.


Dan Davies
Daniel K. Davies
| AbleLink Technologies
Founder & President

Daniel K. Davies, Founder and President of AbleLink Technologies, Inc., has been closely associated with issues important to individuals with disabilities and their families all his life, as his oldest brother John lived with severe intellectual disability, as well as several significant physical disabilities. Mr. Davies has been actively involved in research and development of assistive technology for individuals with cognitive and other disabilities for over 20 years. He has served as Principal Investigator on numerous research projects funded by the U.S. Department of Education, the National Institutes on Health, the Defense Advanced Research Programs Agency (DARPA), and the Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation.