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Webinar Series: Advancing Recovery in Behavioral Health

Research and the personal stories of thousands of individuals teach us that, contrary to common misperceptions, psychiatric disorders are not necessarily chronic, incurable, unremitting, or lifelong. The implications of these findings raise important questions for behavioral health care service providers and for our approach to services and supports for people. WEBINAR TOPICS:
CQL’s Advancing Recovery “Brown Bag” Webinar Series, presented by Cherene Allen-Caraco, CEO of Promise Resource Network, shares innovative and promising practices for behavioral health care service providers. These 4 free webinars occur from 12:00pm - 1:00pm (EST), on 5/6/15, 7/1/15, 8/5/15 and 9/2/15. See below for details on each webinar session. 

This webinar series lays the foundation for advancing recovery through:

  • Exploring the concept of recovery in behavioral health care

  • Sharing tools that promote wellness and recovery

  • Examining the role and tools of employment to foster wellness and recovery

  • Review of CQL’s supplemental accreditation tool for recovery-oriented behavioral health organizations


What is Recovery?                                                          WATCH WEBINAR RECORDING:

  • An overview of recovery from emotional distress and psychiatric labels

  • Emergence of the recovery movement 

  • Recovery-based research and data 

  • What fosters and hinders the recovery process from an intervention perspective

Download PowerPoint Slides for Behavioral Health Webinar
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Wellness Planning & Recovery Tools                   WATCH WEBINAR RECORDING:

  • Reframes an illness-based system, philosophy and practices into one that promotes wellness

  • Provides an overview of various dimensions of wellness

  • Shares tips and tools to providing Wellness Planning

Download PowerPoint Slides for Behavioral Health Webinar
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The Role of Employment In Wellness & Recovery

  • The role of employment and unemployment in chronic illness (emotional, mental and physical)

  • Attitudes, beliefs and approaches that have resulted in high rates of unemployment and dependence on disability benefits

  • The impact of employment on recovery

  • Individualized Placement and Support (IPS) to promote employment of individuals experiencing complex mental health, substance use disorders and life stressors

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Webinar Recording
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Personal Outcome Measures® In Recovery             WATCH WEBINAR RECORDING:

  • Introduce you to the connection between Personal Outcome Measures and Recovery

  • Share the supplemental recovery tool that the CQL accreditation team uses when reviewing a behavioral health agency

  • Discuss the implication of a recovery-based practice approach on quality of life and outcomes

Download PowerPoint Slides for Behavioral Health Webinar
Download PowerPoint Slides 

Cherene Allen-Caraco

Cherene Allen-Caraco, QMHP, QDDP, CESP, CPSS

As the CEO of Promise Resource Network, Inc. (PRN), Cherene partners with peers, providers, community and family members, to promote recovery-based mental health system transformation. PRN employs people with lived experience of mental health and substance use challenges to operate its many programs including the Recovery Hub community resource center, Recovery University (technical assistance center), Work4Recovery Employment First Technical Assistance Center, and Peer Academy Technical Assistance Center.

Cherene has worked in the human services field for over 20 years in a variety of settings, including in-patient and residential settings and innovative, community-based programs serving youth, families, and individuals in juvenile justice, mental health and developmental disability fields. As a person in recovery for 26 years from obsessive compulsive disorder, recurrent major depressive disorder, panic, generalized and social anxiety disorders and an eating disorder, Cherene uses her personal and professional experience with mental health recovery as a consultant in Europe, New York, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Dakota, California, Alabama, Kansas, and North Carolina.

Cherene is a National Recovery Consultant for The Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL), working with states and organizations to develop co-occurring I/DD and MH/SA capacity, competency and system change. Cherene offers training and technical assistance on various topics related to recovery, supported employment, peer support, wraparound, family preservation and reunification, crisis prevention and planning, employment as a path to recovery, meaningful day, moving from behavior to wellness planning, and self-determination to blended audiences of agency administrators, consumers, peers, government officials, service providers, clinicians, family members, advocates and self-advocates.


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