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Webinar: Personal Outcome Measures® - The New Factors

Personal Outcome Measures® have been used for decades to understand and measure individually-defined quality of life. To continuously improve upon this critical tool for person-centered discovery, CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership recently conducted a validity and reliability assessment. This assessment led to some alterations to the Personal Outcome Measures®.

While the indicators involving 21 quality of life outcomes will remain the same, they are being reorganized into 5 new factors. CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership hosted a webinar which shared more information about the Personal Outcome Measures®, the new factors, and how the change affects you.





You Will Learn About:

  • CQL's Personal Outcome Measures®
  • Historical organization of the factors
  • Validity and reliability assessment
  • 5 new factors for the Personal Outcome Measures®
  • Effect on people utilizing Personal Outcome Measures®
  • Connection to CQL's new data system



Cathy Yadamec is the Director of Training and Certification for CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership. In this role, Cathy coordinates the training opportunities offered by CQL. She oversees the certification of Personal Outcome Measures® Interviewers and Trainers, and is responsible for developing new training opportunities often customizing it to meet the unique strengths and preferences of individual organizations.

Cathy has experience within CQL and in private and state agencies supporting people with developmental disabilities to have better lives. Cathy has worked diligently to promote personal and organizational change to create a culture of responsiveness and focus on quality as defined by the person. In the 2000’s Cathy worked with CQL as a Project Manager and in the CMS Look-Behind Contract. For 3 years, Cathy served as the Manager of Quality Improvement/ Quality Enhancement for the Developmental Disability Administration in the District of Columbia, and then returned to CQL as the Project Manager for the Illinois Ligas Outreach Project.



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