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Personal Outcome Measures®: Interviewing Strategies for Children, Young People, And Families

The application of Personal Outcome Measures® with children and youth present some unique considerations as compared to applying Personal Outcome Measures® with adults. These differences in application fall into three categories: Family Involvement, Choice Making, and Court Intervention.

Children make varying types of choices and decisions dependent upon their age, capabilities, and opportunities. The transition from childhood (age 5) to adulthood (age 18) covers only 13 years, but this is a time period during which people learn the fundamentals about individual responsibility, sharing, group dynamics, delayed gratification, and other skills which allow them to interact with others and their environments. The responsibility for choices and decision-making is part of the developmental process. As a child matures, they are given more opportunities to make choices about their daily schedule, social life, school/work life, personal style, friends, future, etc. There is no curriculum that suggests order or specific ages for decision-making. These decisions flow out of the situations that life presents. Birth order, living situation, safety & health considerations, individual capabilities, as well as family dynamics, and choices, can all impact any child or young person’s opportunities to experience decision-making in either positive or negative ways.

Join us for an innovative look at the use of Personal Outcome Measures® for children and youth that will focus on the three stages of development which take place between the ages of five up to a child’s eighteenth birthday.





You Will Learn About:

  • Considerations for children and youth, family involvement, choice making, and court interventions.
  • Developmental characteristics, strategies for success, “toolkits,” highlights, and stories to help you navigate interviews with children of all ages.
  • Tips when interviewing a child or young person alone or when interviewing family members with or without the child present.





Webinar Presenters


Betsy BurnsBetsy Burns | CQL Quality Enhancement Specialist

Betsy Burns is a Quality Enhancement Specialist for CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership. Betsy first used Personal Outcome Measures® in 2006 while working for an organization in New York State and began working part-time for CQL in 2015, providing accreditation and training and to human service organizations.

Betsy is a seasoned administrator experienced working with many multifaceted programs, providing services and supports to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, older adults, and people with mental health diagnoses. Starting her career in 1981 in the role of direct support, Betsy transitioned into positions that include Director of Education and Training, Director of Children’s Services, Director of Support Services, Director of Service Coordination, and Assistant Vice President of Program Administration.

Throughout her career, Betsy has utilized her leadership, planning, and managerial skills to consistently develop strategic performance metrics in successful efforts toward quality improvement, enhancing organizational culture and customer service on both internal and external levels that is progressive and agile.

Betsy is a strong ambassador for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and embraces strength based ideas that are filled with imagination and innovation that enrich opportunities for individuals and support organizational success. She believes in the phrase, originated by Robert M. Hensel, “There is no greater disability in society than the inability to see a person as more.”

Betsy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development with an emphasis on Behavior Analysis and a Master of Science degree in Organization Management, with a concentration in Strategic Planning.


Kristen HeichelKristen Heichel | CQL Quality Enhancement Specialist

Kristen Heichel is a Quality Enhancement Specialist for CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership. For over four years, Kristen has maintained Personal Outcome Measures® Trainer and Interviewer Certification for Children and Youth, and has conducted many Personal Outcome Measures® interviews across the lifespan. In her work at CQL, Kristen provides expertise in both accreditation and training services, with a specific area of interest in helping to build relationships and intimacy in the lives of people receiving supports. 

Prior to joining CQL, she has worked at The New York State Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) and the Franziska Rackers Centers. Kristen has held positions as a Direct Support Professional, Opportunity Development Facilitator, and Medicaid Service Coordinator. 

 Kristen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services from Excelsior College.




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