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Foundation for Quality: Inside the Basic Assurances®

Please join us for a virtual tour of the Basic Assurances®. This monthly webinar series will explore all ten of the Basic Assurances® Factors, from Rights Protections and Promotion to Basic Assurances® Systems. We will explain how each factor and indicator is assessed by CQL reviewers during onsite visits and how organizations can use this tool to measure and enhance quality. Each webinar will discuss best practices, aggregate data for each Basic Assurances® indicator, and offer suggestions for organizations to overcome challenges to bring their practices and systems into alignment. You will need to register for each webinar individually.


Session 1 | Factor 1

This session covers Rights Protection and Promotion

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Session 2 | Factor 2

This session covers Dignity and Respect

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Session 3 | Factor 3

This session covers Natural Support Networks

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Session 4 | Factor 4

This session covers Protection from Abuse, Neglect,
                                 Mistreatment and Exploitation

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Session 5 | Factor 5

This session covers Best Possible Health

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Session 6 | Factor 6

This session covers Safe Environments

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Session 7 | Factor 7

This session covers Staff Resources and Supports

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Session 8 | Factor 8

This session covers Positive Services and Supports

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Session 9 | Factor 9

This session covers Continuity and Personal Security

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Session 10 | Factor 10

  • 2/19/20 1:00pm - 2:00 pm CT

This session covers Basic Assurances® Systems




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