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Webinar Series: Building The CQL Certification Network

CQL Certification signifies a deep commitment to quality in human services, by providing organizations with internal mentors and leaders in best practices for person-centered supports through the use of the Personal Outcome Measures®.

Interviewer Certification increases the value and reliability in the discovery process and internal data collection when conducting Personal Outcome Measures® interviews. Trainer Certification provides your organization with in-house experts who can present Personal Outcome Measures® Assessment Workshops to help empower your staff in using the tool.

In this quarterly webinar series, CQL shares information, guidance, and resources to support Certified Trainers and Certified Interviewers in their efforts. While this series is intended for audiences who have achieved CQL Certification, it may be applicable to others as well. These webinars can be used Certified Trainers and Certified Interviewers to fulfill their Certification requirements.


8/27/18 Certification Network Webinar

This session focuses on:

  • Strengthening Social Roles 
  • Principles of Person-Centered Thinking
  • Comparison To Person-Centered-Planning
  • Resources for Organizations

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5/3/18 Certification Network Webinar

This session focuses on:

  • POMs Refresher: People Live In Integrated Environments
  • POMs Refresher: People Use Their Environments
  • POMs Refresher: People Experience Continuity and Security
  • POMs Refresher: People Choose Where and with Whom to Live
  • Protections From Abuse and Neglect
  • DSP Workforce Development

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