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Best Practice: What Rights are Most Important?

The exercising of rights starts with finding out what rights are most important to people, and then how they would like to be supported throughout the process of making those rights a reality. In this free webinar, we will dig into this discovery process, including techniques for learning about people's rights and best practices in rights promotion. Attendees will learn about the role that rights play in people's lives, along with strategies to providing supports.




You Will Learn About:

  • The importance of rights in people's lives
  • Supporting people to learn about their rights
  • Best practices in rights promotion
  • Strategies for exercising rights





Leanne Mull | CQL Quality Enhancement Specialist

Leanne Mull Bio PhotoAfter fifteen years of working for a traditional human service agency, Leanne is living her dream by advocating for meaningful lives for people with disabilities. Leanne believes that this can be attained through encouraging, educating and enlightening support staff and provider organizations, while empowering people with disabilities to discover, express and achieve their individually-defined outcomes.

Leanne strives towards this mission, by serving as a Quality Enhancement Specialist for the CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership, and as the Organizational Coordinator for the Illinois Self Advocacy Alliance. As support staff for the Alliance, Leanne assists the Board of Directors in identifying goals and activities for Alliance member groups, supporting Alliance member groups and advisors in the Chicago Southland, as well as supporting Alliance members to talk about their lives and what they want during presentations and on statewide committees. Leanne currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Arc of Illinois.


Jennifer Gledhill | Search, Inc.

Jennifer Gledhill has been with Search, Inc since 2000 where she started out as a job coach but quickly switched to the more perfect fit: Community Inclusion Coordinator. After a few years of taking people to parades and movies and all things community, in 2004 she was given the task of creating a travel opportunity for a group of 8 Search residents. That first trip to Graceland was the prototype for what would eventually become Search for Adventure, an in-house travel program that, since its conception, has put together 116 adventures for approximately 750 people who receive services. Those experiences have ranged from Disney cruises to local Broadway shows and a stay at a fancy-pants hotel – all contingent on the adventurers’ abilities and personal preferences.