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All About ABLE Accounts

Economic instability is prevalent among those with disabilities and widespread experiences of poverty and poor economic outcomes continue to negatively impact this population. A significant barrier to economic growth for people with disabilities is the asset limits imposed by many state and federal means-tested benefit programs. Economic advancement can be severely limited and financial security is often elusive or impossible to attain, leaving people with disabilities to choose between economic gain and life sustaining benefits.

An ABLE account gives individuals with qualified disabilities, and their families and friends, a tax-free way to save for disability-related expenses, while maintaining government benefits. United States and state law authorized the creation of accounts.

This free webinar, 'All About ABLE Accounts,' explores how ABLE accounts establish access to economic opportunity and serve as a protective factor against the systemic barriers for people with disabilities. Attendees will learn how ABLE accounts protect vital federal and state benefits while affording individuals with disabilities a mechanism to save and spend in a manner that builds toward self-sufficiency. We will also identify the role of ABLE accounts in the promotion of personal choice, autonomy, and economic empowerment. Attendees will leave the webinar with specific methods for utilizing ABLE accounts in the support of people with disabilities. 

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This Webinar Covers:

  • Economic empowerment through ABLE accounts
  • Protection of federal/state benefits
  • Specific steps for utilizing ABLE accounts
  • Role of ABLE accounts in financial independence


Webinar Presenter

JJ Hanley | Director of Illinois ABLE, Illinois State Treasurer Office

JJ Hanley is Director of Illinois ABLE for the Illinois State Treasurer’s office, and has been a disability parent advocate and disability entrepreneur for more than 25 years. JJ co-chairs the Banking Committee of the Chicago Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities Financial Advisory Council for the Empowerment of People with Disabilities (FACED). She serves on the steering committee for Equip for Equality’s Illinois ADA Project and is a member of the Executive Committee of the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities.

Bette Ann Mobley | National Association of State Treasurer’s Association’s Sub Committee on ABLE

Bette Ann Mobley has worked with state and national organizations in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities for more than 35 years. She has served in many leadership roles supporting people with disabilities through advocacy, developing and implementing quality systems, and providing consultation to organizations that provide supports and services. As an active member of the National Association of State Treasurer’s Association’s Sub Committee on ABLE she is excited to be a part of the continued development and implementation of this new opportunity for people with disabilities and their families to finally save and invest assets without risking critical state and federally means tested benefits.



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