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A Working and Effective Human Rights Committee

Everyone has rights! People, whether they have a disability or not, all have the same rights. Agencies that support people with disabilities are responsible for promoting and safeguarding people’s rights while also protecting people from physical or emotional harm. Sometimes, a person with a disability hasn’t had the opportunity to learn how to exercise their rights responsibly. They may need support to learn to manage their money, to learn how to make decisions, and act responsibly. When people’s rights are limited, we expect a review of those rights limitations by a Human Rights Committee (HRC).




You Will Learn About:

  • Overview of a HRC
  • The key members of a HRC
  • The role of a HRC in human services
  • Strategies to avoid a “rubber stamp” committee


There were a significant number of questions asked throughout the webinar, some of which we were not able to answer due to time constraints. We have collected those questions and the accompanying answers in a Q & A Document, where you can read through some individual issues and concerns raised by attendees.




Webinar Presenters


Cathy YadamecCathy Yadamec | CQL Director of Personal Outcome Measures®

Cathy Yadamec is the Director of Personal Outcome Measures® for CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership. In this role, Cathy will draw on her many years of experience in using the trademarked tool to lead all efforts connected to Personal Outcome Measures®, including training, Certification, inter-rater reliability, and the development of additional resources.

Cathy has experience within CQL and in private and state agencies supporting people with developmental disabilities to have better lives. Cathy has worked diligently to promote personal and organizational change to create a culture of responsiveness and focus on quality as defined by the person. In the 2000’s Cathy worked with CQL as a Project Manager and in the CMS Look-Behind Contract. For 3 years, Cathy served as the Manager of Quality Improvement/ Quality Enhancement for the Developmental Disability Administration in the District of Columbia, and then returned to CQL as the Project Manager for the Illinois Ligas Outreach Project.

Cathy brings 35 years of well-rounded experience to CQL with strong project management, data, quality assurance and training skills. These skills are match by her ability to meld local experiences with a national perspective. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from the University of Missouri and a Masters of Arts degree in Education from the Lindenwood University. Her growing family is very important to her and she relishes the time she spends with her sisters, brothers and especially her great nieces and nephews. She enjoys hiking and spending time wandering around the world.



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