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Browse the listing below of CQL's upcoming and archived webinars, to learn about issues including rights, trauma, social capital, inclusion and more.


 CQL Webinar

Webinar Series: Basic Assurances®

Please join us for a virtual tour of the Basic Assurances®. This monthly webinar series will explore all ten of the Basic Assurances® Factors, from Rights Protections and Promotion, to Basic Assurances® Systems. 

 CQL Webinar

Webinar Series: POM Decision-Making

In this free webinar series, CQL will share guidance for those using the Personal Outcome Measures® (POM). You will learn about decision-making involved in the POM process, including the variables that could influence the decision.

 CQL Webinar

POM: Interviewing Strategies for Children

This webinar shares an innovative look at the use of Personal Outcome Measures® for children and youth that will focus on the three stages of development which take place between the ages of five up to a child’s eighteenth birthday.

 CQL Webinar

Medicaid Managed Care: The Provider Impact

This webinar provides an overview of Medicaid managed care, including different service delivery models and a national outlook on managed care for people with IDD. It then highlights the perspective of human service providers and features one agency’s experience. The webinar also shares information about quality and value-based service provision. 

 CQL Webinar

A Working and Effective Human Rights Committee

Sometimes, a person with a disability hasn’t had the opportunity to learn how to exercise their rights responsibly. They may need support to learn to manage their money, make decisions, and act responsibly. When people’s rights are limited, we expect a review of those rights limitations by a Human Rights Committee (HRC).

 CQL Webinar

Best Practice: What Rights are Most Important?

The exercising of rights is a personal choice. In this webinar, we will discuss ways to support people in learning about their rights so we can determine with the person what rights are most important to them. Once we know what is important we can determine how they best want to be supported to exercise those rights.

 CQL Webinar

Developing An Integrated Quality Management System

This webinar explores how to use data to promote organizational excellence. Together, we demystify data, quality management, and Factor 10 of the Basic Assurances® to use data efficiently and effectively.

 CQL Webinar

Transforming Employment (With Tools to Make It Happen)

This free webinar will focus on utilizing the concepts of the Transformational Leadership Model in moving from traditional site-based day programs to more person-directed day services and employment.

 CQL Webinar

Supported Decision-Making: An Emerging Model

We discuss why SDM is important to organizations and to people we support. We'll highlight how implementing SDM practices applies to enhancing CQL's Basic Assurances® and Personal Outcome Measures®.

 CQL Webinar

Direct Support Professionals and Quality of Life of People With IDD

We'll look at the impact of DSP turnover on outcomes of people with IDD as well as organizations’ ability to provide supports. We also examine who is most likely to be impacted by DSP turnover.

 CQL Webinar

Modern Ableism and Disability Prejudice

Ableism is "the idea that a person's abilities or characteristics are determined by disability or that people with disabilities as a group are inferior to nondisabled people" (Linton, 1998, p.9). This free webinar will focus on modern forms of ableism and disability prejudice.

 CQL Webinar

Money, Money, Money - My Rep Payee Manages That

Many people with disabilities receive Social Security benefits. Social Security assigns a Representative Payee if they have information that indicates the person needs help managing their money. Frequently, people have had little to no opportunity or experience with their money.

 CQL Webinar

Enhanced Standards for Accreditation With Distinction

CQL released enhancements to the internationally-recognized Person-Centered Excellence Accreditation | With Distinction. This free webinar covers the new eligibility requirements, standards, and expectations to achieve and maintain this level of CQL Accreditation.

 CQL Webinar

How Organizations Across Canada Are Using the Personal Outcome Measures®

Representatives from Canadian organizations will discuss their use of the POM, the relationship between interview results and planning processes, data collection and integration, and stories of people that have been positively impacted through the use of Personal Outcome Measures®.

 CQL Webinar

Challenges in POMs: Difficult Answers and Grey Areas

We're exploring grey areas with the Personal Outcome Measures® (POM), by answering difficult questions people face in decision-making. For example, is online gaming a social role? Do inanimate objects meet the definition of intimacy?

 CQL Webinar

Webinar Series: POMs Decision-Making

In this free webinar series, CQL will share guidance for those using the Personal Outcome Measures® (POM). You will learn about decision-making involved in the POM process, including the variables that could influence the decision.

CQL Webinar

Purposeful Conversations Using POM

Learn some tried and true techniques for talking with people. We share helpful methods for listening to the spoken word, the person’s body language, and even to what isn’t said. We also discuss gathering information when people don’t respond with words.

CQL Webinar

Changes in CQL Certification

In order to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and overall user experience, CQL is adjusting the certification terms and reporting requirements in order to maintain CQL Certification. In this presentation you will learn about the changes being made to CQL Certification. 

CQL Webinar  

Reliability & Personal Outcome Measures® Data

This free webinar will explain what reliability means statistically, including how it differs from validity. We will address how CQL attends to reliability, and who is considered to be a certified/reliable interviewer. Finally, there will be a tutorial about PORTAL, CQL's data system.

24/7 Supports Webinar

24/7 Supports: What PORTAL Data Reveals About Outcomes

CQL shared insights about service disparities for people with the most significant support needs (24/7 supports). What areas need to most attention – an increase in individualized supports? How can organizations use that information to adjust their efforts to improve the achievement of outcomes?

Webinar: Building Social Capital

Building Social Capital

Learn about the value and benefits of building social capital in disability services, and how it can be measured using CQL's Personal Outcome Measures®.

Webinar Exploring Your Community

Organizational Recovery

Find out how human service organizations can use awareness, education, planning and action to establish a recovery-oriented organization.

Quality of Life | Building Blocks

This webinar series will enhance your person-centered services using the LEGO® building blocks as a recurring theme. Why LEGO®? Because all LEGO® blocks can be connected to other LEGO® blocks, which is similar to people in a community - they all work with each other and you can build anything with them. CQL shares this information through the fictitious LEGO® Lenny, and delve into his rights, his community, and the connections he makes where he lives. 

Webinar Exploring Your Community

Exploring Your Community

Enhance the experience of community for the people you support and get tips for creating partnerships to solve your community's priorities.

Webinar Exploring Your Community

Exploring Your Connections

We'll help you expand social roles in the lives of the people you support, by improving community connections and building social networks.



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