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Rights Conversation Cards

How do you inform the people you support about constitutionally-protected rights, like freedom of speech? Do they know that it is their responsibility to respect other people's views and opinions? Are they aware that support can be provided through adaptive communication technology? This is just one example of how CQL's Rights Conversation Cards can help you educate people about their rights. These playing cards provide a fun and engaging way to spark discussion about a variety of rights involving decision-making, due process, privacy, voting, healthcare, finances, accessibility, and so much more!

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Each Set Includes:

  • 66 over-sized playing cards
  • 9 blank cards included for customization
  • 3 categories - rights, responsibilities, and supports
  • 42-page facilitator's guide with game instructions
  • 19 different topic areas affecting people's lives
  • 9 different game options for prompting conversation

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The Rights Conversation Cards are broken down into three categories including Rights, Responsibilities, and Supports, with 19 topic areas covered in each category. The accompanying Facilitator's Guide shares 9 different card game options with instructions, helping participants play together through interactive activities to learn about rights, along with associated responsibilities and supports. The card games can be used to initiate conversation, with the Facilitator's Guide offering detailed information about each right. CQL recently released two additional card games, which can be added to your Facilitator's Guide. These games will be included in future printings of the Facilitator's Guide.


Each of the 19 cards in this category has a listing of rights guaranteed to adult citizens of the United States, found in documents such as our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as in various acts, laws, and Supreme Court Decisions.


The cards in this category have listings of responsibilities generally considered to be socially acceptable by members of the American community. Some responsibilities involve becoming aware of, and showing respect for, certain laws and legal restrictions imposed on all adult citizens.


Each of the cards in this category lists ideas, ways, and skills that can be used by supporters to assist people in exercising their rights and understanding their responsibilities. These supports come from current trends in expectations of supporters and educators to provide much more than basic skill training or custodial care.


CQL Rights Conversation Cards19 Topic Areas:

  1. Freedom of Religion
  2. Freedom of Speech and Expression
  3. Freedom from Harm
  4. Citizenship and Right To Vote
  5. Dignity and Respect
  6. Privacy
  7. Marry and Have Children
  8. Possessions and Ownership
  9. Free Association and Assembly
  10. Work and Get Paid Fairly
  11. Leisure and Rest
  12. Food, Shelter, and Clothing
  13. Equal Education
  14. Freedom of Choice/Decisions
  15. Equal Access
  16. Control Own Money
  17. Access To Healthcare
  18. Freedom of Movement
  19. Due Process


CQL Rights Conversation Cards


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