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Building and Maintaining Our Communities

Most people derive great benefits from community inclusion. Many people are on waiting lists because they need community-based supports and services. We need to understand the reason for some failures and we need to take action to support community services and supports.

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Re-Imagining Our Community

Years of CQL data from the Personal Outcome Measures® indicate that important outcomes in people’s lives result from the cooperative and collective work of family, friends, volunteers, and support staff. People and communities make outcomes happen. Programs don’t.

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'Community for All' Toolkit

This tool kit provides the philosophy, policy and research rationale that supports community supports and services for all people with disabilities, in the context of their families, their communities and their country.

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'Dining Out With Autism Awareness' Toolkit

Dining out with Autism Awareness is a community-oriented restaurant offering families impacted by autism the chance to feel more comfortable and enjoy dining out with other families that understand their unique situation in a place that is accommodating to their needs.

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