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Developing Your Human Resources

Human resources and the competencies of the people employed by the service organization represent the greatest assets and challenges for organizational management. Human resources are the primary method for ensuring that services and supports lead to Personal Outcomes. Staff must have the knowledge, skill, and authority to facilitate outcomes, respond to and satisfy needs in the service delivery process. Constant re-evaluation of employee knowledge, learning, and support needs promotes the attainment of Personal Outcomes.

Organizations need policy to help describe the principals that should guide staff actionsToo much reliance on standardized policies and procedures can prevent or discourage staff from taking the initiative to respond to individual needs. Conversely, lack of policy or procedure can allow too much room for individual action. Organizations need policy to help describe the principles that should guide staff actions. Policy also serves to describe the boundaries – making clear where staff have the discretion to act and where they do not.

Knowledgeable staff who can direct the flow of appropriate resources for each person results from a combination of training and supervision. Training opportunities provide staff with the information they need to support people day to day. Daily reinforcement of the principles of policy in action enable staff to use the organization's policy information. Supervisors ensure that the organization's policies are understood and translated into action.

Consider these organizational questions:

  • Are staff prepared to perform the work needed to facilitate Personal Outcomes?

  • Are employees familiar with the mission of the organization?

  • How does the organization reward employees and provide feedback on performance?

  • How do employees learn about each individual's Personal Outcomes?

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