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Glossary of Terms: Q

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A type of cerebral palsy in which all four limbs are affected, usually accompanied by more severe symptoms of nerve damage interfering with normal muscle movement than the other types

Quality & Assurances
CQL’s distinction between quality and assurances: Assurances are demonstrations of successful operation in the areas of health, safety and welfare. Organizations and systems that meet basic assurances are supported to pursue greater degrees of quality in their services and supports. Basic assurance demonstration is the prerequisite for providing either a quality service or quality of life for people. Providing these basic assurances alone does not demonstrate either a quality service/support or a quality of life for people receiving the services or supports. Quality of life and quality of service/ support are demonstrated by responsiveness to the person in the design and delivery of his or her identified services and supports.

Quality Enhancement Review
Measuring an organization’s quality of services by integrating organizational performance with the attainment of outcomes as defined person-by-person

Quality Measures 2005®
CQL’s comprehensive resource on multiple dimensions of quality assessment and enhancement, building on CQL’s Personal Outcome Measures® while emphasizing Community Life® as the context for quality of life

Quality of Life
The opportunities and supports to live a good life