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Glossary of Terms: M

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Medicaid, title XIX
The federal program established under the Social Security Act. It provides for medical services for persons with low incomes. It is administered by the State and is jointly funded by the State and Federal governments

Mental Disability
The Federal Rehabilitation Act (Section 504) lists four categories under mental disability: psychiatric disability, retardation, learning disability or cognitive impairment as acceptable terms; always precede these terms with “person with...”

Mental Disorder
A behavioral or psychological condition or syndrome that causes significant distress, disability, disturbed functioning, or increased risk of harm or pain to one's self or others

Mental Illness
A broad range of disorders with psychological or behavioral symptoms and/or impairment in functioning due to a social, psychological, genetic, physical/chemical or biological disturbance (APA’s definition)

Mental Retardation (AAIDD definition)
A disability originating before age 18, characterized by significant limitations both in intellectual functioning and in adaptive behavior as expressed in conceptual, social and practical adaptive skills

Maintaining regular surveillance over a service; often required of a service in trouble