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Glossary of Terms: I

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ICF/MR (Intermediate Care Facility/ Mentally Retarded)
A facility which primarily provides health-related care and services above the level of custodial care to individuals, but does not provide the level of care available in a hospital or skilled nursing facility

Incident Management
Organizational efforts to prevent, identify, investigate and review allegations and incidents of abuse, neglect, exploitation and mistreatment; effective incident management addresses both prevention and responsiveness

Recognizing every individual's right to be treated equally and to be accorded the same services and opportunities as everyone else

Individual Support Plan
A plan that identifies personal outcomes and arranges for services and activities to help the person pursue or achieve them

Intellectual Disability
The term used to describe cognitive impairment; this is preferable over “mental retardation”

Interviewer Certification
CQL’s program to teach individuals the skills the collect an organization’s own outcomes data through personal outcomes interviews