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5 Factors Affecting Voting

  October 2016

To explore the disparity among people with disabilities exercising this right, CQL collected and analyzed Personal Outcome Measures® data to better understand factors that could affect low registration rates and low voter turnout of eligible voters with disabilities.

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Outcomes For Older Adults

  May 2016

Outcomes are ageless. How are we spending our day? Who are we spending it with? What decisions are we making along the way? Looking at research involving older adults (65 and older) with intellectual and developmental disabilities, the data doesn’t draw a distinct difference in the presence of outcomes based on age.

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Exercising Rights

  March 2016

Whether understanding the most critical issues in advocacy or supporting self-direction, an understanding of individual rights sets the stage for raising awareness. By analyzing outcomes-data related to rights and listening to the stories of DSPs and individuals supported by agencies, we gain some valuable insight.

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Friendships, Relationships & Intimacy

  February 2016

Creating connections with others is an important part of life, but people receiving supports from human service organizations often face additional barriers to establishing relationships with others.

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Outcome-Driven In State Systems

  December 2015

Over the past four years, the Office for Persons With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) at the State of New York has been working to shift away from traditional output-driven services to person-centered, outcome-driven supports for individuals.

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Data & Person-Centered Practices

  October 2015

With a focus on people through CQL’s Personal Outcome Measures® and a focus on data through CQL’s Online Data Tool, Tennessee’s Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (TN DIDD) utilizes in-depth analysis to improve their supports and services.

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CQL & South Dakota: Beyond Accreditation

  August 2015

While the connection between CQL and South Dakota started with a state contract covering accreditation, it has extended into training, data, consultation and certification services provided by CQL, to enhance individual quality of life and organizational quality of supports.

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CMS Reporting Under HCBS Regulations

  June 2015

The latest shift in Home and Community-Based Services settings formalizes choice, control and rights for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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A Person-Centered Journey

  March 2015

CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership, is excited to share these stories about organizations that are taking a person-centered approach to supports and services.

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A Brand New Year For CQL

  January 2015

Whether it's our new website, our new accreditation menu, or our new data tool, it's a brand new year for CQL. 

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Social Capital

  October 2014

By encouraging community involvement, creative communication solutions, and even a presence on social media websites, staff can help individuals build a network of friendships and professional contacts.

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Personal Outcome Measures® Data

  August 2014

CQL presents trend analysis data across the 21 Personal Outcome Measures® indicators over 20 years. The data indicates that significant positive change has occurred for individuals accessing services.

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Employment Works

  April 2014

As your organization moves forward with increasing integrated employment for people with disabilities, aspire to incorporate 8 key factors toward assuring person-centered excellence.

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