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Talking Technology At The 2019 CQL Conference!

Posted 8/20/19

CQL is releasing the breakout sessions for The 2019 CQL Conference: Dare To Dream, which takes place 10/22/19 - 10/24/19 in Baltimore, Maryland. Over the coming weeks, we will be highlighting specific sessions that provide solutions to a particular topic. If you would like to view additional sessions to those being highlighted, you can browse all breakout sessions for the conference.




Partnerships for Lasting Independence with Enabling Technology

Jason Ray, SimplyHome
Nick Filarelli, Core Services of Northeast Tennessee
Susan Arwood, Core Services of Northeast Tennessee

  • Compelling stories from the Enabling Technology program
  • Use of technology in choices, relationships, social life, etc.
  • Sustainable technology integration that empowers people

When Carl dared to dream of a new life, he saw himself at a new job, working indoors, and moving into a place of his own – specifically, a trailer in a trailer park. For Brad, it was obvious from a young age that he knew what he wanted– a place of his own, near his parents and his job. But when it actually came time to make the move, Brad’s parents were worried. Could it really work for him to live on his own? Come hear the compelling stories of how both these individuals were able to identify and reach their goals, and how Core Services of Northeast Tennessee developed a creative combination of supports for them, including enabling technology. We will share how Tennessee DIDD’s Enabling Technology pilot program has created unique partnerships, bringing together service providers like Core Services of Northeast Tennessee and enabling technology providers like SimplyHome to produce outcomes that are truly amazing. This presentation will share specific, replicable, and sustainable strategies for integrating technology into services, and how these approaches enable greater self-determination, independence, and community connection.


TEC Doesn't Have to be a Four Letter Word

Connie Melvin, Director of NAQ
Richard Harrington, The TEC Lab

  • Commercially-available products to address challenges
  • Hands-on demonstrations of products
  • Tips and tricks to implement technology

We've known for a long time that assistive technology should play an important part in the lives of people with disabilities. Now more than ever, technology helps to "level the playing field" for people with disabilities - it promotes independence, breaks down barriers, and fosters inclusion. We also know that providers and caregivers need a resource for learning about options and possibilities as the apparently endless array of technologies on the market can be overwhelming. In this session, we will expose attendees to a variety of commercially available products that address challenges commonly faced by people with disabilities. Products that promote independence with routine tasks, improve accessibility in a variety of environments, provide reassurances of safety and security, and enhance hobbies and recreational activities will be discussed. In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on demonstrations during the presentation. This will facilitate a deeper understanding of how products could potentially benefit the people that are supported by the attendees. Attendees will also learn about the pros/cons of each product as well as our recommendations for purchasing/funding those devices. Finally, we will be sharing “tips and tricks” for technology implementation in an effort to reduce the rate of abandonment, decrease frustration, and ensure the success of people supported.




Conference Registration

The cost to attend the 2019 CQL Conference is $475 per attendee. The registration rate will then increase to $499 for 'late registration' between 10/2/19 - 10/15/19. You can Register Online using the conference registration platform, ConstantContact, where you will enter in registration information for yourself and potential guests. After completing the registration form, you will be directed to the secure PayPal platform, where you can place your payment either using a credit card, or a PayPal account.

*For travel-planning purposes, the conference will begin with registration at 8:00am EDT on October 22nd, 2019, and conclude around 11:30am EDT on October 24th, 2019.


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