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Reflecting On The
2016 DSP Recognition Week

Posted 10/11/16

We all have goals that we want to achieve. Whether it’s stronger relationships, greater independence, better health or increased financial stability we all rely on others in our life to help us pursue what really matters to us. People offer us insight, encouragement and even more practical support to guide us in the journey to make our dreams a reality. With those receiving supports in the human service system, it is no different, and also means a more formalized approach where paid staff can help a person achieve those goals.Support staff, specifically Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), are required to wear many hats and at times deal with difficult and demanding situations, requiring complex skillsets while navigating decreasing resources and rising expectations. Due to this reality, the nation dedicates one week each year to recognizing the amazing contributions and admirable accomplishments of DSPs, during DSP Recognition Week, which occurred just one month ago, from September 11th through September 17th.
CQL Training

During that week, CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership, teamed up with The National Alliance For Direct Support Professionals (NADSP), to honor DSPs who go above and beyond in supporting others to achieve personally-defined outcomes.

We asked for story submissions from people supported and agencies across the country. We received numerous articles about dozens of DSPs, and shared a handful of them to highlight support staff who are utilizing Personal Outcome Measures® in their daily work. These DSPs embraced it as a tool to asking the right questions about a person’s life, truly ‘listen’ to what they want, and develop supports based on that information.

We learned about Damon, from The Center for Family Support, who helped empower Lenin to find his creative outlet in Spoken Word Poetry. In a story submitted by Community Living London, we found out how Lindsay supported Shawn in traveling to England to visit his friend. The Arc of Chemung shared how Ashley Golson helped support Johnny to achieve his personally-defined outcome, to get his driver's license and get behind the wheel. There are numerous stories like this across the country. Lives are being transformed all over the place. To enjoy more of these examples of excellence, you can read through all of the stories that we shared during 2016 DSP Recognition Week.

So now that the official 2016 DSP Recognition Week is behind us, it’s important to look forward. How can these stories serve as a model for transforming services? What tools can we provide support staff with, to not just understand person-centered philosophies, but implement person-centered practices? Where will this leave us for 2017 DSP Recognition Week? CQL and NADSP are proud to provide the following resources, information and offerings, some of which are free and some of which are not, to assist agencies in equipping staff members to embody excellence in their work:

In this 1-day on-site training, DSPs will become invested in Personal Outcome Measures®, by learning the importance of the process. DSPs will gain insight into how their everyday responsibilities can help strengthen a person-centered approach to supports. CLICK HERE to learn more about the training, pricing and scheduling. 

The Personal Outcome Measures® Overview Guide is a free resource, to enhance the accessibility and understanding of Personal Outcome Measures® for people receiving supports, as well as their stakeholders. It takes pieces of the full discovery tool, and clarifies them through some of the concepts of the 'Easy Read' approach. CLICK HERE to access the free guide.

Developed by the NADSP, the Code is intended to serve as a straightforward and relevant guide for DSPs as they resolve the ethical dilemmas they face every day, and encourages them to achieve the highest ideals of the profession. CLICK HERE to learn more about the NADSP Code of Ethics.

In this free article, CQL shares how the Personal Outcome Measures® provide a framework for supporting Direct Support Professionals. CLICK HERE to read the online article.

This video clip shares an example of part of a Personal Outcome Measures® interview, which provides insight into how the interview is conducted, and the valuable information that can be gathered from those receiving supports, and the people who know them best. CLICK HERE to watch the video.

NADSP has developed a national credentialing program for DSPs working in community human services. The purpose of this credentialing program is to provide national recognition for the contributions and competence of Direct Support Professionals who apply for and meet the credentialing standards. CLICK HERE to learn more about DSP Credentialing.

CQL's free Capstone e-Newsletter brings together the best practices in human services, by sharing expertise, insight and tips to help you improve the quality of your supports. CLICK HERE to subscribe.

NADSP's free e-Newsletter offers the very latest articles, resources, events, information and webinars to support staff development among Direct Support Professionals. CLICK HERE to subscribe.



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