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New CQL Positions Strengthen Growing Partnerships

Posted 12/11/18

CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership is excited to announce operational expansion that will enhance both internal processes within CQL, and more importantly, external experiences for organizations and systems. As CQL’s partnerships continue to expand with human service providers, state agencies, federal entities, and more, these improvements involve more strategic and effective allocation of organizational staffing and resources. To better support the hundreds of organizations that partner with CQL by embracing its services, resources, tools, and other offerings, the organization has created new positions to help strengthen valued partnerships around the world.

Angela Rapp Kennedy | Vice President of Systems Transformation

In her new role as Vice President of Systems Transformation, Angela Rapp Kennedy will oversee special projects, state contracts, quality assurance and improvement efforts, and business and professional development activities for the organization, as well as direct and manage training offerings and ongoing education. Angela joined CQL in 2017, serving as CQL’s Vice President of Accreditation and Training.

Katherine Dunbar | Vice President of Accreditation

To better support the significant growth involving CQL Accreditation, Katherine Dunbar has been promoted to Vice President of Accreditation, where she will provide strategic direction and leadership for all accreditation services. Prior to this new position, Katherine was the organization’s Director of Accreditation, and has worked for CQL since December 2015.

Cathy Yadamec | Director of Personal Outcome Measures®

Due to the increased utilization of CQL’s internationally recognized person-centered discovery process, the Personal Outcome Measures®, Cathy Yadamec has been named as CQL’s Director of Personal Outcome Measures®. In this role, Cathy will draw on her many years of experience in using the trademarked tool to lead all efforts connected to Personal Outcome Measures®, including training, Certification, inter-rater reliability, and the development of additional resources. Cathy is a nationally-recognized expert in using the Personal Outcome Measures®, and started working for CQL in June 2013.

Gretchen Block | Manager of Partner Engagement

As CQL continues to provide effective support for its increasing partnerships, Gretchen Block is taking on a new role as Manager of Partner Engagement. As organizations and systems seek to participate in services for the first time, or continue to embrace CQL Accreditation, Certification, or Training, Gretchen will work directly with them throughout the process, serving as the point-person for organizations and their employees.

Cate Adelman | Services Administrator

In the position of Services Administrator, Cate Adelman will be responsible for scheduling CQL services, organizing logistics with partners, and collaborating with CQL staff to improve operational efficiencies. She will also implement and monitor quality control practices to ensure consistency in service delivery and enhance the experiences of CQL’s partners.


“We constantly promote the importance of organizational transformation to those we partner with, and these changes demonstrate that we actually practice what we preach,” says Mary Kay Rizzolo, President and Chief Executive Officer of CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership. “More and more organizations, state agencies, and thought leaders are working with us, so it’s critical that we’re responsive to that expansion and continue to meet the needs of the human services field.”


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