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Brothers of Charity Services Galway

CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership has selected Brothers of Charity Services Galway as a recipient of the 2015 International Awards of Excellence.

The 2015 International Awards of Excellence recognize an organization that demonstrates excellence in the support of people with disabilities. Award recipients were chosen from accredited organizations that utilize innovative and emerging practices in achieving outcomes for people with disabilities, in one or more of the following categories:

• Social Capital
• Choosing Where You Live
• Utilizing Data to Inform the Person-Centered Plan
• Employment
• Exercising Rights
• Utilizing Data for Organizational Change

The Brothers of Charity Services has been providing supports to people with intellectual disability in the area since 1952 and currently provide services to more than 1,000 people in 130 geographically diverse locations. The services range from early intervention for young children through to school age, and a variety of programmes for adults devised according to the level of support the individuals require and the priorities that they identify. These include educational, day, residential, respite, home-sharing and family support, a range of multidisciplinary supports and supports to people who live independently.

The “Let’s Get to Work” Project from the Brothers of Charity Services Galway, set up in January of 2013, seeks to explore and support individuals with an intellectual disability and additional support needs to access the labor market in Galway through securing and maintaining employment. The project aimed to support individuals in their local communities to access a range of employment, education, training and volunteer opportunities.

"Winning the 2015 International Award of Excellence is a huge honour for us. The Let’s Get to Work Project is one of a number of initiatives that we have developed in response to hearing what young people have told us they want" says Anne Geraghty, Director of Services for Brothers of Charity Services Galway. 

Let's Get To Work Participant Quote

“Let’s Get to Work” contributed to the development of participants’ interpersonal and general workplace skills. The project was participant-centered and aimed to involve participants in the design, implementation and evaluation of the project. Clear outcomes in respect to paid employment, work placement, enterprise development and education and training have emerged for participants.

The main achievement has been the development of a matrix of innovative actions and practices that is based on the proximity of the project to the circumstances and needs of its target group, and is informed by a commitment to finding solutions that work. "We are so happy to present this prestigious award to such a well-deserving organization," says Cathy Ficker Terrill, former President and CEO of CQL, The Council on Quality and Leadership, adding "their focus on outcomes and individualized supports around employment are a major accomplishment, which can be modeled by other organizations."

Belonging to an internationally active movement and rooted in the values of the Christian Gospels, The Brothers of Charity Services Ireland provides quality services to support people who are in danger of being marginalised and strives to create opportunities and choices that develop and maintain connected lives where all are cherished as valued and equal citizens in our communities.

Brothers of Charity Services