CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership

Who CQL Accredits

CQL accreditation is grounded in an organization-wide systems approach. Because we believe in the provider’s role and responsibility to meet the needs of the whole person (not by programmatic slots), we do not accredit separate programs within an organization. Just as we expect providers to value and support a whole person/family, we conduct reviews of whole organizations. We believe this approach ensures that organizational resources are consistently aligned around individuals being supported.

We work with the full range of service and support providers, including:

  • Service coordination/Case management

  • Family and individual supports for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

  • Peer support

  • Behavioral health care

  • Employment and other work related services

  • Residential supports and services

  • Services and supports for people with all types of disability

  • Services and supports for people with mental illness

  • Services and supports for people with substance use disorder

  • Services and supports for families, children and youth

  • Services and supports for older adults

  • Small non-traditional supports (micro-boards and co-ops)

  • Networks and regional systems of service and support

  • Comprehensive human services systems

  • Local, county, and state governments

"This was a WONDERFUL experience. The survey team and CQL planning staff made this such a POSITIVE experience for being our first review."

- Mosaic in North Central Iowa



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