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Michael Clausen

- Quality Enhancement Specialist -

Michael Clausen

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Michael Clausen is a Quality Enhancement Specialist for CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership.

Michael has been working to improve the quality of services for people with Developmental Disabilities since 2002. His experience includes Direct Support, Case Management, Quality Enhancement, Compliance, Staff Development, Community Outreach, and supporting people with mental health diagnosis and forensic backgrounds.

Michael worked for organizations in New York State that were among the first to be accredited by CQL. He has created data and monitoring systems which utilize POM's and Basic Assurances in conjunction with other quality metrics in order to facilitate organizational change. He has been at the forefront of assisting organizations to adapt to new initiatives, and has led efforts in his community to provide more opportunity for people with disabilities.

Michael has a Bachelor of Arts from the State University of New York, with extensive research on the societal impact of deinstitutionalization.