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The Arc New York Chapters Receive Discount on CQL Services

The Arc New York Chapters can receive a discount on core services from CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership. CQL is partnering with The Arc New York to provide CQL services of Accreditation, Training, and Certification, at a 5% savings for The Arc New York Chapters.

This discounted rate applies to all three accreditation menu options, including Quality Assurances Accreditation, Person-Centered Excellence Accreditation, and Person-Centered Excellence Accreditation With Distinction. For CQL's training offerings, The Arc New York Chapters can utilize more than a dozen different on-site training events, covering topics such as Personal Outcome Measures®, rights, self-advocacy, communication, supported decision-making, and more. To improve upon the validity and reliability of the Personal Outcome Measures® interview and decision-making process, The Arc New York Chapters can pursue CQL Interviewer Certification or CQL Trainer Certification.

* This discount can not be used in conjunction with other discounts 


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While many human service organizations provide exemplary supports, they often lack the ability to monitor the impact on people's lives, assess areas where improvement is needed, and implement best practices with proven results. CQL Accreditation provides The Arc New York Chapters with a framework for enhancing the supports that are provided, and in turn, the quality of life for people receiving those supports. Learn More>>


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Investing in the professional development of your employees builds internal expertise that will have a direct impact on the people you support, in very practical ways. CQL Training offers a multitude of on-site workshops, where your employees will receive in-depth information about a wide range of topics to transform services. Learn More>> 


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In human services, it is critical to discover what really matters to the people you support, and then collect and analyze that information to help people achieve their individually-defined outcomes. However, that entire process is dependent upon the accuracy of your Personal Outcome Measures® interviews, the conclusions you come to, and the Personal Outcome Measures® training that you provide staff. CQL Certification helps ensure the validity and reliability of how you utilize Personal Outcome Measures®. Learn More>>


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   Transformation In New York

In May 2018, CQL partnered with The Arc New York to conduct a webinar for chapters about CQL services including Accreditation, Certification, and Data Analysis. This webinar detailed the standards, components, and options for Accreditation, expectations for Trainer/Interviewer Certification, and the capabilities of CQL's PORTAL Data System.


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