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Build Your Own Reports

PORTAL, CQL's data system, can be used to analyze Build Your Own Analytics User GuidePersonal Outcome Measures® and Basic Assurances® data across hundreds of different data elements. The data covers quality of life areas involving safety, security, rights, respect, relationships, health, employment, and many more.

There are numerous analytics capabilities available through PORTAL Data System, but we have now just released a feature to build your own analytics reports. This allows users to create customized report templates for their own unique analysis. Through table grids, standard pie charts, nested pie charts, bar graphs, pivots, and more, users can analyze outcomes and supports across hundreds of different data elements, while also sorting through fields like gender, age, and ethnicity. In addition, organizations can not only assess their own internal agency data, but also compare it to national data. 

To learn more about the new analytics capabilities, you can view the tutorial video below or view the step-by-step user guide


Build Your Own Analytic Reports: Tutorial Video



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