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Analytics Capabilities

PORTAL provides agencies and systems with reporting options to better understand and analyze outcomes data collected through CQL's Personal Outcome Measures®. Data can be analyzed at the individual, organizational or national level to evaluate the presence of outcomes and the supports that are provided. This data can then be dissected across hundreds of different data elements, such as diagnoses, residential setting, race, gender, geographical location, decision-making authority, age and more. 

Subscribers to PORTAL can also access a multitude of reporting options, including various online dashboards, along with the ability to export into formats like Excel, PDF, etc. These reports and analytics can be useful in informing someone's person-centered plan, directing organizational strategic planning, identifying pockets of success, identifying areas of improvement, influencing board of director meetings and demonstrating outcomes to other stakeholders like families, colleagues and donors.

PORTAL Analytics Examples

CQL has produced some articles sharing the various analytics capabilities of PORTAL, including the benefits of data collection and analysis, how it can be used, along with a video tutorial and step-by-step directions for each analytics feature. Here are just some potential data elements that you can use to analyze your data:

Personal Outcome Measures®

The slideshow below shares sample of the various analytics dashboards that can be accessed within PORTAL, which can be used by agencies and systems in their quality enhancement efforts. You can also download samples of these reports to review and share with your colleagues. Keep in mind that these reports are for demonstration purposes only, and do not reflect accurate data from actual people receiving supports and services.