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PORTAL: The CQL Data System

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PORTAL: The CQL Data SystemHow is community integration for the people you support, impacted by the type of residential setting that they live in? What effect does your latest employment initiative have on people exercising choices in where they work? How can you demonstrate to your Board of Directors that investment in a new quality enhancement department is improving the lives of those receiving services? 

PORTAL is a secure online data system developed by CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership. It provides human service organizations and state agencies with reporting, tracking, analysis and logging of personal outcomes and supports for people receiving services. This system encompasses CQL's internationally-recognized Personal Outcome Measures® and Basic Assurances®, to collect and evaluate quality of life areas including health, safety, social roles, rights, relationships, community integration, employment and so much more. 


Benefits Of The PORTAL System

Organizations and agencies commonly write person-centered plans, develop strategic plans and launch new initiatives without the ability to evaluate effectiveness. In the human services field, where there are constant constraints in time, money and other resources, it is critical to provide evidence in data-based decision-making. PORTAL offers an intuitive online platform to collect outcomes data, track quality enhancement efforts, and disseminate findings through easy-to-use reporting, which can be shared with key stakeholders. PORTAL can be used in a multitude of ways:

  • Collecting and analyzing Personal Outcome Measures® and Basic Assurances® data (Basic Assurances® is for those going through accreditation)
  • Assessment of person-centered plans
  • Development of annual reports
  • Identifying priority areas for strategic planning
  • Comparative analysis across local, state and national levels
  • Reporting to donors, executive leadership, Board of Directors, governmental agencies, etc.
  • Demonstrating ROI for fundraising campaigns, organizational initiatives, programmatic decisions, etc.
  • Tracking of ongoing quality enhancement efforts and supports being provided
  • Evaluating progress throughout the CQL Accreditation process


Features Of The PORTAL System

PORTAL integrates functionality, features, and design that enhances the user experience and incorporates applicable reporting capabilities, including:

  • Streamlined data entry process
  • 'Save and Continue' functionality for gradual data entry
  • Optimized for mobile device usage
  • Analysis involving hundreds of different data elements
  • Templated reporting options
  • Fully-Customizable reporting options
  • Comparison capabilities with local, state and nationally-available aggregate data
  • Export capabilities to Excel, SPSS, PDF
  • Intuitive dashboards for reviewing outcomes data
  • Unique login credentials for individual users
  • One simplified, convenient data access level
  • Technical assistance provided by CQL staff 


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