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HCBS-ACT: Explaining HCBS

Many people with developmental disabilities choose to receive their services in home and community based settings. They have been allowed to do this since 1980, when a program called “Medicaid Waivers” was established. Since 1980, the agency who runs this program, called the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), has been working to make sure that people are really getting the services they want, and that providers offering services are following the rules.

In 2014, CMS added to these rules so that people with disabilities who get services through Waivers have even more choice, control and self-determination. While every person gets different services that are unique to them, the new rules emphasize that community participation and integration should be the standard and that everyone should have access to more than one community.

The HCBS Advocacy Coalition 3-Part Toolkit:

  1. The HCBS Settings Rules: What You Should Know!

  2. The HCBS Settings Rules: Settings Presumed to be Institutional & the Heightened Scrutiny Process

  3. The HCBS Settings Rules: How to Advocate for Truly Integrated Community Settings | Download Abridged Version

Updates about the HCBS Settings Rule (2017)

Additional Information About The HCBS Settings Rule:


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