CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership

Toolkits & Resources

CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership, in coordination with the Maryland Department of Health's Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA), is developing numerous guides, information, and resources to help educate human service providers, people supported, families, community members, and others about Network Accreditation and the effects of that process. Below you will find downloadable files of these materials, and more will be added as they are completed. When applicable and available, some of these may be available at in-person events throughout the state as well.

Informational Brochures

These three brochures provide an overview of how the Network Accreditation process will impact people receiving services, families/friends, and human service organizations. They are separated out by these different audiences, as Network Accreditation has different implications based on someone's relationship to the process. If you wish to download the file for the brochures, you can print them double-sided, in color, and fold it in thirds as shown in the images below.

People Supported

Brochure for People Supported


Families and Friends

Brochure for Families & Friends


Organizations and Staff

Brochure for Organizations and Staff



Presentation Materials

Here are presentation materials, including PDF versions of PowerPoint slides, that help explain the Network Accreditation process for people supported, families, provider organizations, and others. These can be used as a helpful reference material to learn more about the overall timeline, expectations, benefits, etc. of Network Accreditation.

Network Accreditation Overview

This presentation has been used at training
across the state to share an overview of
the Network Accreditation process.

MD Presentation


MACS Conference Presentation

The following presentation was delivered
at the 2018 MACS Conference,
which took place November 28- 30, 2018.

MD Presentation