CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership

The Key To Full Lives

The vision of the Maryland Department of Health's Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) is that people with developmental disabilities will have full lives in the communities of their choice where they are included, participate, and are active citizens. This vision is pursued through their mission to create a flexible, person-centered, family-oriented system of supports so people can have full lives.

To help reinforce and advance these efforts, DDA has partnered with CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership to pursue CQL Network Accreditation. This offers people supported and support providers a proven framework for quality monitoring and enhancement, encompassing a meaningful partnership for deep-rooted and results-focused transformation, by exploring the impact that services are having on people unlocking full lives.

This website serves as a hub of materials, information, and updates about CQL Network Accreditation and how it will affect your life and work. You can access toolkits, resources, an e-Newsletter, blog posts, meetings, and more, to stay engaged in the latest CQL Network Accreditation activities and how they will help to promote full lives.

The Key To Full Lives

What are the components of a full life? How is it defined? When is it decided that someone is living a full life? A full life is explored at an individual level, uniquely determined person-by-person. Understanding what a full life means to each person at that individual level begins with person-centered discovery through listening and learning. After that discovery, people receiving supports and support providers can use the information to unlock full lives. Especially for people receiving formalized services, full lives can be seriously impacted by the supports they are provided. 

The Key To Improving Quality

Improving quality centers on the person receiving supports taking charge and being the driving force for change through independence, autonomy, and self-determination. Along with that, support providers - including agencies, families, friends, and other natural supports - all play a critical role in improving quality and can work collaboratively to assist people in unlocking full lives. Since quality of life is not assessed by evaluating only certain aspects of a person's life, all support providers are important. The challenge in this collaborative effort lies in ensuring that consistent philosophies, tools, and practices are used to provide a holistic approach to supporting people.

The Key To Network Accreditation

Through the use of consistent philosophies, tools, and practices, people supported and support providers can utilize standardized frameworks to improve quality. CQL Network Accreditation offers people supported, support providers, families, friends, advocacy groups, community members, and others clear expectations, identical processes, and uniform guidance for unlocking full lives. By integrating these components, all stakeholders will be able to track progress and identify areas of improvement.