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Defined By People: How Organizations Across Canada Are Utilizing The Personal Outcome Measures®

With the Personal Outcome Measures® (POMs), 21 indicators are used to understand the presence, importance, and achievement of outcomes and presence of supports involving choice, health, safety, social capital, rights, goals, dreams, employment, and more.

Provider organizations in Canada use the Personal Outcome Measures® to improve quality of life for people, and improve service quality at the organizational level. In this webinar, representatives from organizations will discuss their use of the POMs, the relationship between interview results and planning processes, data collection and integration, and stories of people that have been positively impacted through the use of Personal Outcome Measures®.





You Will Learn About:

  • CQL's Personal Outcome Measures®
  • Common challenges people face
  • Answers to difficult questions
  • Clarity involving POMs decision-making


Michael Clausen | CQL Quality Enhancement Specialist

Michael Clausen is a Quality Enhancement Specialist and the Canada Liaison for CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership. Michael has been working to improve the quality of services for people with Developmental Disabilities since 2002. His experience includes Direct Support, Case Management, Quality Enhancement, Compliance, Staff Development, Community Outreach, and supporting people with mental health diagnosis and forensic backgrounds.

Michael worked for organizations in New York State that were among the first to be accredited by CQL. He has created data and monitoring systems which utilize POMs and Basic Assurances in conjunction with other quality metrics in order to facilitate organizational change. He has been at the forefront of assisting organizations to adapt to new initiatives, and has led efforts in his community to provide more opportunity for people with disabilities. Michael has a Bachelor of Arts from the State University of New York, with extensive research on the societal impact of de-institutionalization.

Tania Gagnon | Community Living Algoma

Tania has worked at Community Living Algoma since August 2009, beginning her career in Thunder Bay, working in both organizations with a focus on quality since 1996. Her current role is the manager of Quality Improvement. Tania has built expectations across her organization to incorporate Personal Outcome Measures® at all levels, directly impacting the quality of life of more than 500 adults supported and their families. CLA's commitment to develop local expertise and knowledge of outcomes is a strength where she has been a key influencer. She is the lead in training her staff about the importance of enhancing quality of life for people they support, sharing this knowledge with regional service tables and at neighboring organizations. She is the newest Ontario consultant with CQL | Council on Quality and Leadership and looks forward to contributing to enriching and strengthening Canadian capacity.

Jennifer Dance | Community Living Oakville

Jennifer has been with Community Living Oakville since 2005. She has worked as a residential manager and most recently, in the Supported Independent Living program. Jennifer is a safe management instructor, and was recently certified as a Certified Interviewer, and is conducting POMs interviews as part of a collaborative Quality Of Life grant project.

Jamie Curran | Community Living Mississauga

Jamie Curran holds a degree in Psychology from York University in Toronto and has been enhancing the lives of individuals who have an intellectual disability for over 20 years. In his role as Manager of the Outcome Support Team at Community Living Mississauga (CLM), Jamie is responsible for the design, implementation and evaluation of all quality assurance initiatives. Certified as a reliable interviewer and trainer by CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership since 2004, Jamie has participated in accreditation reviews and has conducted and overseen hundreds of interviews using CQL’s Personal Outcome Measures® process. Jamie is an experienced presenter and has developed numerous staff training workshops for CLM. Jamie has presented workshops on Building Social Capital at associations and conferences across Ontario. One of the co-founders of the Interdependence Network, Jamie has helped organise and facilitate numerous symposiums on social capital throughout the United States and Canada. Jamie has also played a key role in the development of the many tools and resources offered by the Interdependence Network. Jamie has authored an article entitled “Building a Community That is Open to All” in the February 2009: Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation ISO Press Special Issue on Social Capital and Disability. Jamie can be reached at jamiec@clmiss.ca.

Matt Forbes | St. Amant

Matt has been a Certified Interviewer since 2008. His current role is Coordinator of the Supported Independent Living program as well as Community Day Services. SIL program typically supports people who require less than 24 hour staffing. We also provide outreach services to people who live at home with parents and have identified a goal of living independently or semi- independently.



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