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CQL Training For ANCOR Members

CQL's training options will equip your staff and your organization with tools to deliver the highest quality of services. They cover a wide range of topics, including supported decision-making, communication, community, rights, outcomes and much more. You can scroll through the training options below, then contact CQL to request information about costs, scheduling, and options for bundling various training workshops.

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Personal Outcome Measures® Assessment Workshop

In the Personal Outcome Measures® Assessment Workshop, you and your staff will start with the basics, and leave being able to conduct actual interviews and collect baseline data. CQL will show you the Personal Outcome Measures® process and share how it can help strengthen your person-centered approach. Learn More>>

  • 4-day workshopContact CQL
  • Up to 12 participants welcome
  • In-depth training about Personal Outcome Measures®
  • Designed for organizations committed to a person-centered approach


Introduction To Personal Outcome Measures®

The CQL training, Introduction to Personal Outcome Measures®, shares what they are, shows how they work and explains why they’re so essential. CQL will conduct an interview and its scoring right in front of you and your staff, and then share how it can be used to transform supports and services. Learn More>>

  • 1-day workshopContact CQL
  • Up to 40 participants welcome
  • Overview of CQL’s Personal Outcome Measures®
  • Designed for organizations new to CQL’s Personal Outcome Measures®


Personal Outcome Measures® For DSPs

In the CQL training, 'Personal Outcome Measures® For DSPs', your staff will become invested in Personal Outcome Measures®, by learning the importance of the process. They will gain insight into how their everyday responsibilities can help strengthen a person-centered approach to supports. Learn More>>

  • 1-day workshopContact CQL
  • Importance of Personal Outcome Measures® for daily supports and services
  • Designed for Direct Support Professionals
  • Real-life examples of DSPs embracing Personal Outcome Measures®


Principles of Person-Centered Thinking

The CQL training, Principles of Person-Centered Thinking, will open up your organization to the values of person-centeredness and share best practices in human services. By the end of the training, you will have a clear picture of what it is, and how it can be integrated in everything from your daily supports to strategic plan. Learn More>>

  • 1-day workshopContact CQL
  • Key components and philosophy of person-centered thinking and Personal Outcome Measures® (POMs)
  • Best practices you can use in your organization
  • Designed for management, quality assurance teams and direct support professionals


Person-Centered Planning With Outcomes

The Person-Centered Planning With Outcomes training connects the dots between identifying outcomes and creating person-centered, individualized support plans. You will leave the workshop with a clear understanding how Personal Outcome Measures® (POMs) interviews can inform person-centered plans. Attendees will also learn methods for monitoring the effectiveness of this process, as it relates to a person achieving their outcomes. Learn More>>

  • 1-day workshopContact CQL
  • Links Personal Outcome Measures® to Person-Centered Planning
  • Breakout activities exploring the use of outcomes in planning
  • Designed for staff involved in Personal Outcome Measures® interviews and individual planning


Supporting Rights & Self-Advocacy

The Supporting Rights & Self-Advocacy training teaches organizations and staff how to educate people about rights, and support them in protecting and promoting rights. This training will identify rights, violations of rights and strategies to support people in becoming self-advocates. Learn More>>

  • 1-day workshContact CQLop
  • Supporting people to understand and exercise their rights
  • Real-world scenarios of rights advocacy and promotion
  • Designed for quality assurance teams and direct support professionals


Supported Decision-Making

In the Supported Decision-Making training, you will gain a deeper knowledge of supported decision making, why it’s important and how it can be effective in your organization. You will leave the workshop with clear ideas of how supported decision making can work at an individual, organizational and systems-wide level. Learn More>>

  • 1-day workshopContact CQL
  • Essential components of supported decision making
  • Best practices and specific examples of where supported decision making is working
  • Designed for management, quality assurance teams and direct support professionals


Defining Community

In the Defining Community training, direct support professionals will get a clearer vision of what community is, and how to support people to be not only present, but active participants, in the community. This training challenges traditional concepts of community, identifies barriers to inclusion and shares insight into overcoming those barriers. Learn More>>

  • 1-day workshopContact CQL
  • Explores the community, inclusion and social capital
  • Suggestions to building social capital
  • Designed for direct support professionals


Appreciative Inquiry

The Appreciative Inquiry training explores what it is, how it works, and ways to use it. This training challenges you to look at best practices in your organization, learn from it and implement it across other areas. Learn More>>

  • 1-day workshopContact CQL
  • Benefits and application of appreciative inquiry for human services
  • Real-world scenarios highlighting the effectiveness of Appreciative Inquiry
  • Designed for management, quality assurance teams and direct support professionals

Communication: The Art of Listening

In the Communication: The Art of Listening training, CQL will share an overview of communication, explore unique communication methods and offer suggestions for better listening to communication. Your organization and your staff will strengthen communication skills to create meaningful interactions with the people you support. Learn More>>

  • 1-day workshopContact CQL
  • Keys to understanding and enhancing communication methods and listening
  • Interactive exercises exploring communication methods
  • Designed for management, quality assurance teams and direct support professionals


Accreditation Preparation Workshop

The Accreditation Preparation Workshop establishes the accreditation process for organizations, shares benchmarks that need to be reached for a successful review and looks ahead to the impact it will have on your leadership, staff, stakeholders, and most importantly, the people you support. Learn More>>

  • 2-day workshopContact CQL
  • Shares an overview, experiences and expectations of CQL Accreditation
  • Strategies to create an action plan for accreditation
  • Designed for organizations about to undergo CQL Accreditation



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