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CQL Certification For ANCOR Members

CQL Certification helps ensure that your utilization of Personal Outcome Measures® is valid, reliable, and aligned with best practices by CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership. Whether it concerns how you conduct a Personal Outcome Measures® interview, or how you train through the Personal Outcome Measures® Assessment Workshop, CQL Certification will empower you in your application of person-centered approaches in supports and services. 

If you are pursuing CQL Certification, please be sure to mention that you are an ANCOR Member, in order to take advantage of the 5% discount.

* This discount can not be used in conjunction with other discounts


Interviewer Certification

Interviewer Certification offers a process for organizations to increase the value and reliability of internal data collection on Personal Outcomes. Interviewer preparation includes the achievement of inter-rater reliability between interviewer candidates and CQL staff. Learn More>>

  • 2-year certification termContact CQL
  • Learn to conduct valid and reliable Personal Outcome Measures® interviews
  • Explore how to create a reliable database



Trainer Certification

Trainer Certification helps your organization develop a culture of person-centeredness. Not only do you benefit by having in-house 'experts' available for year round training, other members of your staff receive hands-on training with CQL consultants. Also, the 15 days of on-site training and consultation are just the beginning of the support provided by CQL staff. Learn More>>

  • 2-year ceContact CQLrtification term
  • Discover how to deliver Personal Outcome Measures® Assessment Workshops in your organization
  • Learn to conduct valid and reliable Personal Outcome Measures® interviews



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