CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership

2019 CQL Awards of Excellence

At the 2019 CQL Conference: Dare To Dream, the 2019 CQL Awards of Excellence will recognize an individual, organization, and/or system that demonstrates excellence in the support of people with disabilities, psychiatric disabilities, older adults, or youth. The 2019 CQL Awards of Excellence will be selected from entities utilizing CQL Accreditation and/or CQL Interviewer/Trainer Certification, that demonstrate innovative and emerging practices in supporting people to achieve outcomes in one or more of the following categories: 

  • Social Roles
  • Exercising Rights
  • Choosing Where You Work
  • Choosing Where and With Whom You Live
  • Interacting with Members of the Community 
  • Utilizing Data to Inform the Person-Centered Plan
  • Utilizing Data for Organizational/Systems Change


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Reflect an innovative project/initiative of an organization accredited by CQL, or an organization with certified interviewers or trainers in good standing. The organization can be a U.S. or international partner in Australia, Canada, Ireland or New Zealand.
  • Demonstrate that the initiative empowers people to attain individual outcomes and reflects the organization’s mission and values.


Nomination and Application Process:

*The deadline for submitting nominations has ended*

Selection Criteria:

  • Quality: Judged by the success of the service effort or initiative in assisting people to achieve desired outcomes. Applicants are encouraged to share Personal Outcomes Measures® data that demonstrates this. 
  • Significance to the Field: Judged by the nature of the challenges addressed by the service activity and the scope of the potential beneficiary group. 
  • Potential for Replication: Judged by the presence of principles that can be used by others in the field to design supports for people who have similar needs, characteristics, or desires.