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2017 CQL Conference:

Blueprint For Person-Centered Practices

There have been quality conferences throughout the years, introducing self-advocates and provider agencies to the cutting-edge philosophies surrounding human services. They have laid out the important issues involving supports, funding, independence and advocacy. They have described the ideologies of rights and respect, or laid out the concepts of community inclusion. This conference is different.

The 2017 CQL Conference: Blueprint For Person-Centered Practices, puts all those ideas into action. CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership will be bringing together the experts spanning diverse spheres of human services, not only in principle, but in practice. Attendees will enter with aspirations of transformation, and leave with specific steps to help individual lives, whole organizations and entire systems, evolve.

- October 16-19, 2017 -
JW Marriott Indianapolis
Indianapolis, Indiana


Who should attend the conference:

The ambitious architects of innovation, looking to craft a clear plan for quality enhancement and carry it through all the way to implementation. From self-advocates, to DSPs, to quality enhancement teams, CEOs and governmental agencies, this conference encompasses all those affected by the human services system, because a blueprint is comprised of interconnected parts, all playing an important role.

Where is the conference:

Recognized in USA Today as the ‘Best Convention City in the United States,’ CQL’s 2017 Conference will be held in heart of downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. The state’s capital city, also referred to as the Crossroads of America, boasts 300 diverse restaurants, 50 major attractions and 250 acres of urban green space. From your arrival in Indianapolis International Airport, named ‘Best Airport in North America’ by Airports Council International for 4 straight years, to your short shuttle trip to the convention center, to your welcoming stay at JW Marriott Indianapolis, your experience in Indianapolis won’t disappoint.

Why should you attend the conference:

You embrace best practices, and even have shining examples of excellence that you’re proud of, but are looking for a more holistic approach. You ask critical questions, such as: How do you support people to be valued members of their community? What does a supported employment program really look like within a successful agency? How can data be utilized in quality monitoring and analysis, for both a person-centered plan and an organizational strategic plan? What are the real-world expectations laid out in the HCBS Settings Regulations? How can a state demonstrate compliance with those regulations? CQL is laying out the blueprint for the problems facing human services, offering a design for person-centeredness that you can use in your everyday work, while covering topic areas like:

  • Rights
  • Advocacy
  • Technology
  • Sexuality
  • Employment
  • Day Programs
  • Data Management/Analysis
  • Dignity & Risk
  • Community Access/Inclusion/Integration
  • Health
  • Abuse & Neglect
  • Respect
  • State-Level Quality Enhancement
  • And More!



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