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CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership is dedicated to the definition, measurement, and improvement of personal quality of life. CQL provides accreditation, training, certification, research, and customized consultation services to organizations and systems that share our vision of dignity, opportunity and community for all people.





Utilize a proven framework for quality enhancement with CQL Accreditation, through self-assessments, reviews, interviews, on-site visits, focus groups, data analysis, ongoing partnership, and more.


Choose from more than a dozen different on-site CQL Training topics, where participants receive in-depth and applicable information.


Ensure the validity and reliability of how you use Personal Outcome Measures® in person-centered discovery, with CQL Interviewer or Trainer Certification.


Collect and evaluate data through CQL’s PORTAL Data System - an online platform for reporting, tracking, analysis, and logging of outcomes and supports.



2019 CQL Conference: Dare To Dream

2019 CQL Conference: Dare To Dream

The 2019 CQL Conference: Dare To Dream will occur from October 22nd - October 24th, 2019 in Baltimore, Maryland. This year we will be celebrating our 50th Anniversary, and the conference will use the previous 50 years to provide perspective for where the human services field is going in the decades ahead.


New Career Opportunity At CQL

Support Systems Specialist

CQL is now accepting applications for the full-time position of Support Systems Specialist. This position is responsible for identifying, implementing, and maintaining processes for program operations to improve both internal efficiencies and external correspondence.


CQL Accreditation in Wyoming

The Arc of Natrona County achieves CQL Accreditation

The Arc of Natrona County, located in Casper, Wyoming, recently achieved CQL Accreditation. By achieving Quality Assurances Accreditation from CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership, they have demonstrated a deep commitment to ongoing organizational transformation.



Rights Conversation CardsRights Conversation Cards

CQL’s Rights Conversation Cards provide a fun and engaging way for you to spark conversation about a variety of rights through popular card games. You will interact with people you support about subjects like decision-making, privacy, voting, healthcare, finances, accessibility, and more!


12 Reasons Why Data Is Important
12 Reasons Why Data Is Important

'12 Reasons Why Data Is Important' explores why data is important, what you can do with it, and how it relates to the human services field. You can also download '12 Reasons Why Data Is Important' to print out copies and share with your colleagues and other stakeholders.


HCBS Guide For Advocates
HCBS Guide for Advocates

The HCBS Settings Rule is a federal policy change announced by CMS to make sure people with disabilities have the kinds of services they need in their communities.This free HCBS Guide prepares people for HCBS advocacy with information and tools.


Capstone E-NewsletterCQL Capstone E-Newsletter

CQL's Capstone e-Newsletter brings together the best practices in human services, by sharing expertise, insight and tips to help you improve the quality of your supports. You can sign up for Capstone e-Newsletter to receive information about a wide range of topics, along with accompanying resources, news, events and more.



The CQL POST App is an interactive, user-friendly app for Apple, Android, and Windows devices, that provides a snapshot view of a person’s quality of life. It uses easy-to-understand language, images, audio, and a touch screen to explore the importance of outcomes to a person, and what level of success they’re having in achieving those outcomes.


Outcomes Overview GuideOutcomes Overview Guide

CQL has developed this free Outcomes Overview Guide for the Personal Outcome Measures®, to enhance the accessibility of the Personal Outcome Measures® for people receiving supports, as well as their stakeholders. It takes pieces of the full discovery tool, and clarifies them through some of the concepts of the 'Easy Read' approach.



Medicaid Managed Care Report

MMC Report

This report establishes an understanding of value-based quality measures for people with IDD to ensure that as the industry moves to managed care, the quality metrics utilized are meaningful. It is a summary of symposium findings, combined with data analysis of 28 service agencies supporting 3,000 people. 


The DSP Crisis

The DSP Crisis

Not only are DSPs important to quality supports of millions of people in the United States, but a lack of staff can also keep people from going into and being integrated in the community. In this article about The DSP Crisis, we describe our research which explores how states value the services DSPs provide.


25 Years of POMs

POMs 25 Year Report

CQL Personal Outcome Measures® (POMs) are used to identify people’s quality of life outcomes, plan supports, and gather information and data about individual outcomes and services that are provided. This POMs Report aggregates data from the last 25 years about quality of life to guide future directions of the field.


Self-Management of Health

Self-Management of Health

Self-management of health refers to people receiving supports being involved in their own healthcare, including decisions about providers and services they receive. The aim of this CQL article was to explore the self-management of health by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).